Side projects of side projects are taking over!

This month I released a Yahtzee game scorer and a Yatzy game scorer, both a simple Apps which use the Costs to Expect API, they are a little bit of fun and allowed me to test some ideas.

As per a lot of the Apps in the Costs to Expect service, the game scorers are Open Source, you are free to play around with them.

I have shipped lots of updates in the last few weeks and learned a lot about the new user experience, with something as simple as the scorers it is very easy to focus on the initial experience for new users.

The lessons I have learned are already starting to improve Budget, the next App in the Costs to Expect service.

Budget is not a simple App like Yahtzee, it is going to be quite involved, no ETA yet but I would like to have a Beta out well before the end of the year, it very much depends on how much time I have outside of freelance work and contracts.