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I publish a blog post every Monday.

Here are my six most recent blog posts. I tend to post about web development. Occasionally I’ll write a blog post about running or one of my other hobbies, you really can’t tell.

  • Code Rewrite
    I need to undertake a Code Rewrite. I’m not doing this rewrite because I don’t like the look of the code, I’m not doing it because I’m bored, I’m doing it because I need to solve a more complicated problem.
  • Long development times
    Projects with long development times present many challenges. One of those challenges is what to do when you need or want to change the core system design
  • UI and UX for B2B is Tough
    It is tough to create a great UI and UX for B2B Apps. I’ve been at it for twenty five years and still struggle, read about my latest problem and the solution
  • Tailwind Update
    In this blog post I give my Tailwind update, how I am getting on with it, any issue. The short story, I’m loving it and it works for my development style which typically involves lots of view components
  • OAuth2 and Business Central
    I needed to integrate a Laravel App with Business Central using OAuth2. In this blog post I detail the journey.
  • Action class usage in my Laravel Apps
    How I structure my action class depends on the structure of the App. Is the App a typically App or a frontend for a REST API. See how the structure of my action classes changes.