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I publish a blog post every Monday.

Here are my six most recent blog posts. I tend to post about web development. Occasionally I’ll write a blog post about running or one of my other hobbies, you really can’t tell.

  • REST API Tests
    API tests should focus on where the user is likely to get stuck, not on validating the happy path works, we have other tools for that
  • Budget Pro alpha release
    We did it! We released the alpha for Budget Pro and as promised, we released it in the first half of the year.
  • Connect docker compose apps
    You can connect multiple docker compose apps by setting the network. If the apps share a network, they can communicate.
  • Expose API requests
    We all need to be more open with our customer’s data; where does it come from, how is it structured and used. Users should not be deterred from getting at their data and all our customers deserve more than a data dump.
  • Start running at forty plus?
    If you are going to start running when forty plus, checkout this blog post to read about all my mistakes! It might help you not make the same mistakes.
  • Budget Pro Alpha
    We are getting close to the alpha release of Budget Pro. We can’t wait to show you what we have created.