Favourite Posts

This page shows my all-time favourite blog posts. These are the posts that I enjoyed writing, am the proudest off or about one of my favourite subjects.

I update the list regularly so please check back every now and again to see my most recent favourites.

  • OAuth2 and Business Central
    I needed to integrate a Laravel App with Business Central using OAuth2. In this blog post I detail the journey.
  • Action class usage in my Laravel Apps
    How I structure my action class depends on the structure of the App. Is the App a typically App or a frontend for a REST API. See how the structure of my action classes changes.
  • Running at 45
    What does running progress look like when you are 45? In this blog post I show what my progress looks like after 12 months
  • Budget – Official Release
    I’m announcing the official release of Budget by Costs to Expect. I learned so much during the beta period, it is incredible how much you miss, all our beta users helped make Budget what it is
  • My typical project setup for Laravel
    An overview of my typical Laravel project setup. If you use Docker, Windows, WSL2 and PHPStorm it may be worth a read. I have adapted this setup over the years to handle many different projects and requirements. To date everything works well and I rarely need to tweak it.
  • Don’t stiff clients, upgrade your stuff
    Don’t stiff your clients! Read about how I upgraded a broken Silverstripe App from 2018. It was a horror story and not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon