Favourite Posts

This page shows my all-time favourite blog posts. These are the posts that I enjoyed writing, am the proudest off or about one of my favourite subjects.

I update the list regularly so please check back every now and again to see my most recent favourites.

  • Start running at forty plus?
    If you are going to start running when forty plus, checkout this blog post to read about all my mistakes! It might help you not make the same mistakes.
  • OAuth2 and Business Central
    I needed to integrate a Laravel App with Business Central using OAuth2. In this blog post I detail the journey.
  • Action class usage in my Laravel Apps
    How I structure my action class depends on the structure of the App. Is the App a typically App or a frontend for a REST API. See how the structure of my action classes changes.
  • Running at 45
    What does running progress look like when you are 45? In this blog post I show what my progress looks like after 12 months
  • Budget – Official Release
    I’m announcing the official release of Budget by Costs to Expect. I learned so much during the beta period, it is incredible how much you miss, all our beta users helped make Budget what it is
  • My typical project setup for Laravel
    An overview of my typical Laravel project setup. If you use Docker, Windows, WSL2 and PHPStorm it may be worth a read. I have adapted this setup over the years to handle many different projects and requirements. To date everything works well and I rarely need to tweak it.