How we expose Open Source REST API usage within our app

The Costs to Expect App is not an Open Source product; we intend to create a viable service; for now, we are keeping our secret sauce secret.

The App is built upon the Costs to Expect API, the API is Open Source and technically, anything we can do with the API, you can too. We aren’t gatekeeping your data; you can access your data through our App with the UI/UX we are creating, or, you can use other tools to fetch the data directly from the API.

To this end, we expose all GET, HEAD and OPTIONS requests, we hide POST, PUT, and PATCH requests as you can’t review them after the fact without unnecessary data being cached.

At the bottom of every page within the App, there is a table showing the required API requests. The table shows the request URI, the request METHOD, the response time, as well as was the request asynchronous or did we fetch it from our cache.

I appreciate that to the majority of users this data is redundant, yes there will be a visibility toggle; however, for the minority of users that are interested, I think the extra effort will be appreciated.

API requests table for the Costs to Expect App