ZF1 Lib updates

I’ve updated my ZF1 lib site.

  • Added a simple pager view helper.
  • Updated the image resizer and image cropper classes including new examples.
  • Added a simple HTML table view helper.
  • Added a Bootstrap badge view helper.
  • Updated the Bootstrap nav view helper, one fix, one new feature.
  • Added a Bootstrap progress bar view helper.

GitHub profile and new sample site

I’ve been working on one of my public GitHub repos since Monday, I’ve still lots to do but there are a few worthwhile updates so I though I would mention them here.

  • I’ve renamed the repo, now much more obvious it is a collection of Zend framework 1 view helpers, action helpers and utility classes.
  • I’ve updated the design of the included sample site, now a simple Bootstrap based site.
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap glyphicon view helper
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap label view helper
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap nav component view helper
  • The sample site is available online at zf1.deanblackborough.com

There is still lots of work to do, I’m hoping to be done by Sunday but we will see.

  • The original view helper and utility classes haven’t been updated
  • I need to put in place a system to ensure I work on the site more often then twice a year
  • I’ve additional view helpers, action helpers and utility classes to add.
  • Need to create a ZF2 version of site.