Image of a 1000-piece challenge puzzle. Thousands of pieces of glitter. Puzzles are our new hobby

I recently discovered a new hobby, puzzles. Puzzles aren’t something I particularly enjoyed as a child; maybe because the images weren’t interesting, or the quality was poor. Adulthood to the rescue, I now get to choose the puzzle, so the quality and image are both to my liking.

The first of many puzzles

Whilst watching KarenPuzzles on Youtube, I saw a puzzle which I thought looked interesting. I hit up Amazon and the next day we had the puzzle. The puzzle was solved over the holidays, the bug had not yet taken hold of us.

The bug bites

At the end of February, my Wife expressed an interest, so we purchased two more 500-piece puzzles. We got to work solving the first. Before we knew it, we were hooked, not just us but the kids as well.

A week later we had gone from owning zero adult puzzles to six. Things then got worse, we decided to step things up and move from 500-piece puzzles to 1000-peice puzzles. At the time of writing, (13th March 2023) we own six 500-piece puzzles and three 1000-piece puzzles, one of which is a challenge puzzle. I’m not sure how we’re going to find the time to complete them all but that’s another blog! We aren’t speedy solvers, we take our time, grab a drink, and start puzzling. Our solve times have so far been consistent.


We started our first 1000-piece last night and it looks like it is going to be a big step up from a 500-peice. It is also a more complex image than anything we have solved before. It is going to be interesting seeing how much Whisky and Disaronno is consumed before we finish.


I’ve already got my eye on an awesome 5000-piece puzzle, it is sitting in my wish-list waiting to be purchased. I don’t think we will be making the jump from 1000 to 5000 anytime soon. Our three-year-old enjoys helping and as much as we love that everyone enjoys our new hobby, we don’t think it is sensible to start a 5000-piece puzzle until he is a little bit older! And maybe we’ll need a bigger house!