Open Source is awesome, PHP Quill Renderer v3.01.0

A few hours after arriving at work I got an email from GitHub letting me know about a posted issue on one of my Open Source libraries, turns out I had missed a couple of things in my testing.

When I create a library, I have a use case in mind; typically I’m trying to solve a problem specific to one of my projects, having an extra set of eyes reviewing my libraries and using them differently is terrific.

I’m always happy to receive bug reports; each fix improves the library. Hopefully, there will not be too many more but if there are I will jump on them to fix the issue.

I have released v3.01.0 of my PHP Quill Renderer; Parser::load() wasn’t resetting the deltas array, and the Compound delta was incorrectly trying to handle images with multiple attributes assigned.

Row and column view helpers

Over the weekend I released updates to three of my libraries, Zend Framework 3 view helpers has been bumped to v1.02.1, Zend Framework 3 view helpers code completion is now v1.07.0, and Bootstrap 4 helpers is now at v0.04.

I added row and column view helpers to the Zf3 view helpers library, the other libraries have been updated to include the new additions.

For an overview of all my libraries, visit, to get the code, go to GitHub.

The Dlayer MVP, how open sourcing the app helped me

If I ignore the inevitable restarts, I have been working on the minimum viable product (MVP) of Dlayer for a little over three years; it is astonishing how quickly time passes when you have a career and family.

I’ve been working on Dlayer demo, a responsive web development tool, one way or another, for almost a decade. In that period I got married, we have a three-year-old son and have moved half way across the country (small country).

I had an idea for a product, and I plan to realise it.

To say it has been tough would be a massive understatement. Realising Dlayer has been challenging, finding the time and money to work on my projects isn’t simple, it is about balance, you need to ensure you have enough cash flow to ensure your family is safe and comfortable, but on the other hand, you need the time to develop your projects.

I always planned on Dlayer being a private commercial product, 18 months ago I changed direction. After years of solo development and countless more ahead of me, I came to the conclusion that it is not possible to do this alone, I need help, but more importantly, I needed to relieve any stress from attempting to singlehandedly design, build and finance a complex product.

It took 18 months to prepare Dlayer for the official v1.00 Open Source beta release, but I got there, at the tail end of last year I released the first version.

Dlayer isn’t ready for prime time yet; there is still much to do, progress is consistent, and I’m getting my house in order so that the first contributors have a great experience.

As soon as you Open Source a product and realise that the eyes of other developers could be looking at your code you wake up, the quality goes up, standards you aim to adhere to get met and working practices in general improved, thank you.

ZF1 Lib updates

I’ve updated my ZF1 lib site.

  • Added a simple pager view helper.
  • Updated the image resizer and image cropper classes including new examples.
  • Added a simple HTML table view helper.
  • Added a Bootstrap badge view helper.
  • Updated the Bootstrap nav view helper, one fix, one new feature.
  • Added a Bootstrap progress bar view helper.

GitHub profile and new sample site

I’ve been working on one of my public GitHub repos since Monday, I’ve still lots to do but there are a few worthwhile updates so I though I would mention them here.

  • I’ve renamed the repo, now much more obvious it is a collection of Zend framework 1 view helpers, action helpers and utility classes.
  • I’ve updated the design of the included sample site, now a simple Bootstrap based site.
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap glyphicon view helper
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap label view helper
  • I’ve added a Bootstrap nav component view helper
  • The sample site is available online at

There is still lots of work to do, I’m hoping to be done by Sunday but we will see.

  • The original view helper and utility classes haven’t been updated
  • I need to put in place a system to ensure I work on the site more often then twice a year
  • I’ve additional view helpers, action helpers and utility classes to add.
  • Need to create a ZF2 version of site.