Dart SASS in WSL2

My Laravel project setup for Windows, Docker, WSL2 & PHPStorm

This is a minor update to an earlier post; the setup is simpler than previously described and the result is the same, Dart SASS in WSL2

You will need to download the latest release of dart sass from the official repo.

  1. Download and extract the dart-sass release you are going to use, at the time of this post I opted for https://github.com/sass/dart-sass/releases/download/1.26.10/dart-sass-1.26.10-windows-x64.zip
  2. Open your .bashrc file in WSL – vi ~/.bashrc
  3. Add export PATH="/path/to/dart-sass:$PATH" to the end of the file, in my case export PATH="/mnt/c/Users/USERNAME/Documents/GitHub/dart-sass:$PATH"

To test everything is working, open WSL and enter sass --version; you should see the version number.

Dart SASS is one the tools I install via WS. It is now longer part of y typically Laravel project setup, these days I have mostly switched to Tailwind for new projects.