Budget Pro alpha released

Screenshot of the Budget Pro budget overview and test saying "Budget Pro is Budget on steroids - it's everything you love about Budget improved in every way. More viewing options, more controls, you name it."

We did it! We released the alpha for Budget Pro and as promised, we released it in the first half of the year.

This post is a little late, the release happened on 2nd June. Since then, we have pushed out several updates as we work towards the beta and the official release. We are working as hard as we can but as per our previous post, we are taking it slow. We want the official release to be as smooth as possible.

During the alpha we are fleshing out the features that make Budget Pro different to Budget and working on the initial user experience. As soon as we get to the beta, we will focus on the collaborative side of Budget Pro.

Budget Pro is usable now if you are willing to do a little data entry at the start. We are working on improving the initial experience and providing several different tools to help you get started. At a certain point though you need to release. If you wait until the next feature is ready, you will never release anything. We are using Budget Pro for our own budgeting needs and like Budget, it is capable even at this early stage.

There is a page on the Budget Pro website which details everything we are planning for the alpha and beta and our status.

It has taken a long time to get to this point. We had to build the API, we had to build the wrong App, build Budget, create some game scorers, and then create Budget Pro. We are proud of what we have created so far and hope it will be a useful tool to many. We understand that whilst budgeting isn’t the most exciting task, you can reap the rewards once you have it established and it opens possibilities. Once we know where we are, we know where we can go.

Please check out the website and let us know what you think. Anyone who signs up during the alpha or beta will be gifted a subscription once we officially release.